Making our coast better for nature and people.

We work for thriving resilient natural ecosystems stewarded by vibrant and engaged communities. We bring people and communities back to the land to participate in stewarding coastal ecological resources. This processes incorporates community, education, science, and art into the practice of ecological restoration and stewardship of our common lands. We believe ecological identity is important and our connection to the environment that is at the core of who we are.

To do this we identify, prioritize, promote, and implement coastal restoration projects that increase biodiversity and coastal resiliency while maximizing community outreach. Our projects target degraded coastlines that receive high visitorship and are in need of ecological stewardship. We work with land managers, stakeholder agencies and community groups to create and execute restoration plans that address ecological problems such as coastal erosion. Our landscape design emphasizes function, resiliency and aesthetic, while embracing elements of art, education and play. Funding comes from public agencies, foundations, and private donors.  We engage community members, K-12 students, universities, and corporate partners in the entire restoration process. We guide teachers through hands on inquiry based science curricula where students ask questions on how to best implement and measure the benefits of restoration. Our work helps local communities to become participatory stakeholders in our environment and strengthens socio-environmental ties through tangible hands-on restoration of high value coastal open space. Together we are making a more vibrant and ecologically sustainable coastline.

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