We make better places for nature and people.

By engaging community in restoring the native habitat we can create healthier, more resilient coastal ecosystems.

To do this we develop nature-based solutions to ecological problems. We partner with land managers, agencies, stakeholder groups, and the public to identify, prioritize, plan, and implement projects that enhance biodiversity and the long-term health of coastal habitats. Our process is inclusive, participatory, science-based and incorporates education and art.

Community engagement is fundamental to creating lasting positive change. We help neighborhood leaders run a network of place-based environmental enhancement projects. We guide teachers and students through hands-on learning to make our environment better while measuring their impact. We also mentor interns and corporate teams in the restoration process.

Support comes from public agencies, foundations, businesses, and you, private donors, who believe in making positive environmental change. We believe ecological identity is important and that our connection to the environment is at the core of who we are.

We invite you to join us in building resilient sustainable coastal ecosystems.

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